I Got The Whole World in My Hands

by Anh P.

A lot of people in this age of social media and instant sharing are exposed to the experiences of other people through our smartphone screens. We see our friends going to different places and far away countries to all these scenic landscapes that look exactly like our default desktop wallpapers. Maybe we feel a little jealous, but mostly it will give a positive feeling in that the world we are in, is beautiful and is worthy to be explored.

Cordillera Mountains Philippines
Photo from pixabay.com

Travelling has become the common ground of a lot of people, particularly the youth, nowadays. We share stories about where we’ve been , where we are and where we are up to next. It is exhilarating and even addicting to some extent to see the world bit by bit with your own eyes.


Do you remember your first airplane ride to another part of your home country or even to a country where you experienced being a foreigner for the first time? The excitement and nervousness. Not really knowing what to expect despite seeing a lot of movies with a takeoff or landing scene. The feeling of setting foot in another land is like your own version of Neil Armstrong landing that step on the moon. A bit over-dramatic, maybe, but that is how it was for me.

This silver bracelet with a little sparkly airplane going around your wrist is a simple reminder of that priceless feeling of widening your mark in this world we call Earth. You can be stuck at work, at school or at home wishing you were someplace else and this bracelet somehow gives the comfort that it is possible, like the little airplane circling around your wrist, you will someday be in an airplane circling around the world. And maybe, you can bring your bracelet with you and while looking down the airplane window at the vast Earth , much like how the astronauts did it in that one film, you sing “I got the whole world in my hands…I got the world in my hands.”.

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